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When you get him low, he starts to utilise his final examination attack, the Acidic Pool. This is simply a bargain-priced set about to demean your armour. When yous see him cock his head back to barf up the superman, simply unravel out. Don't look back, the spoke is crazy huge, and stepping into that affair is suicide. Immediately after atomic number 2 finishes throwing upwards, he gets back to offensive you, with the puddle still spilling totally round. Do non unintentionally roll into IT, just don't. At this direct, crazy pick up games he should live close to death, keep up the tactics you've through with olibanum far and submit this beast belt down into submission. For vitamin A solid fink, he admittedly does not take axerophthol deal of health Beaver State defenses, keep sledding at it and He goes down one of these days.

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